Find your superpower
Top-level course for people who want to become agents of change and help transform businesses into experiences with a positive impact
Learn how to guide guides
The travel industry needs more than consultants.

We need transformation catalysts.

This is the course on how to become one of them.
Would you like to help travel entrepreneurs make their businesses and places better?
We are Travelhood, a global community for local experience organizers.

We help people earn money by sharing their passions and local knowledge with travelers.

Our mission is to make the world better using the power of travel.

If you want to do the same with travel entrepreneurs in your region or internationally, this is the course for you.
  • Consultants
    Everyone who creates and runs tours – the more local, the better.
  • Entrepreneurs
    From hotels to airbnb apartments, cafes to restaurants: everyone who is in hospitality
  • Freelancers
    Cars, bicycles, kayaks, and everything that visitors use to move around
Ok, great, but why now?
Travel is changing, again: but now more than ever

If you have been in the travel business long enough, you've seen the digital transformation, and the emergence of online travel agents like Booking and Airbnb.

What happens now is bigger than that.

We are entering the era of a global village, where New Zealand competes with Norway, airlines with bicycles, humans with machines, and digital blends with physical.

Three huge trends impact travel:
  • AI is near
    Digital is entering the physical world, and the shift is just starting
  • Climate crisis is here
    We have yet to see how it is unfolding, and the humanity's response to it
  • People want experiences
    They want to be impressed, but they also want to travel with a positive impact
Let's put it together
Experiences are the big thing
People travel to experience different places, wear new hats, do things, try new.

While they certainly need a room, food, or transportation, they do not travel for that.
They travel for experiences and impressions.

Today, we have the technology to level up local businesses.

To help small entrepreneurs make their places better.

That's why we put this course together.
Help entrepreneurs to avoid costly mistakes
While there's a big potential, some things aren't obvious (otherwise everyone would be doing that already)
  • Learn how to scale
    The biggest problem of experience creators is that they are not scalable, we will show you how to go around it.
  • Learn how to capitalize
    Experiences are labor-intensive, which means you only earn while you work – we will show you how to fix it.
  • And grow organically
    Grow with less dependency on online travel agents or search engines, and have a more predictable future.