Introduction to the Business of Travel Experiences
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About the webinar
We are heading into the golden age of travel experiences.
Customers don't want just bed and breakfasts anymore.
They are willing to pay for authentic, immersive, memorable experiences.

You need only creativity to make an Experience.
But you need a bigger plan to start a Business of Travel Experiences.

Let's dive into it for 60 minutes.
This webinar is for:
Tour operators, DMCs, guides, accommodation owners, local tourism organizations, travel professionals
Nature and adventure guides, self-guided tour organizers, and all who take clients on an adventure
Retreat hosts, travel designers, and everyone who wants to create positive-impact experiences
Travel Entrepreneurs
Adventure Leaders
Experience Creators
About the author: Alex Farlander
Alex has been a travel entrepreneur for most of his life.

Born and raised in Siberia, he became an expedition guide who has been working with 45 countries and hundreds of destinations during 20 years of his travel career. He studied culture & tourism management at the Altai Academy of Arts, as well as MBA in TalTech.

However, this journey hasn't been an easy ride – there were many lessons, huge burnouts, crises, and wars.

This webinar is a summary of Alex's career experience – what he wishes he'd known before, and what he thinks about the future of the Experiences industry.
We will cover the most important topics:
  • What is a Travel Experience as a product?
    There are goods and services, but what are Experiences? What makes Travel Experiences special, and how does it affect the business model? What do you need to know to serve this market?
  • Consumer behavior – people want experiences, but what does that mean?
    You probably heard motivational phrases like "Don't buy things, buy experiences" or things like that, but how to create something that people want to pay for?
  • A bigger picture: the business model of Travel Experiences
    If you want to create a Travel Experience, you only need creativity. But if you want to create a Business, you need a business plan. We'll dive deeper into the Business Model Canvas and see how it works for Travel Experiences.
  • Old Tourism vs New Tourism – what was wrong and what needs to be done?
    Tourism is a great industry, but many things don't work well. Let's briefly explore the dark side of tourism, why things don't always work, and what we have to know about building better travel.
  • The future: why the world (and you) needs more Travel Experiences
    Travel has an enormous potential. It's quite likely that travel and experiences are among the most important industries for building the future economy. Let's learn why, and why it is important for your life.
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