If you want to create impactful travel experiences with like-minded travel industry leaders,
this is the place for you.
If you want to create impactful travel experiences with like-minded travel industry leaders,
this is the place for you.
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for creators of
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    Travelhood is a small but powerful community for
    travel entrepreneurs & experience creators to
    share practical wisdom
    and help each other to build successful, regenerative travel businesses
    We are
    Tour operators, DMCs, guides, accommodation owners, local tourism organizations, travel professionals
    Nature and adventure guides, self-guided tour organizers, and all who take clients on an adventure
    Retreat hosts, travel designers, and everyone who wants to create positive-impact experiences
    Travel Entrepreneurs
    Adventure Leaders
    Experience Creators
    Who help each other to improve
    Search Engines, Social Media, OTAs, customer relationships, and all about better sales
    Websites, reservations, payments, AI, and everything you need to know about travel tech
    Collaborations, recommendations, support, inspiration, and new meaningful connections
    Effective Marketing
    Technology & Automatization
    Great Partnerships
    Sustainability, responsible tourism, creating a positive impact, ethical travel practices
    Better Business
    Grow your network,
    learn from fellow professionals,
    and share your experiences
    Because nobody knows everything,
    but everybody knows something valuable
    we inspire better travel for a
    better world
    new peer-to-peer connections,
    Facilitated mastermind sessions,
    How does it work?
    and real-world collaborations
    Inspiring masterminds and PRO events
    Join powerful online events and private mastermind groups with equal-level entrepreneurs to talk about the most important things for your businesses and evolve together.
    Build quality connections and tackle challenges together
    Meaningful peer-to-peer connections every week
    Every week you will be invited to have a 1-on-1 call with a fellow member of the community. We call it Mutual Mentorship: instead of small talks, talk about your goals and how to reach them.
    Expand your network worldwide and learn from each other
    Business field trips and inspiring real-life examples
    See amazing places and connect with fellow entrepreneurs
    Let's go on retreats and expeditions to visit leading entrepreneurs, see their businesses, go on adventures, and make life-long connections with like-minded people
    + brainstorms, masterclasses, and other online events
    Share your experience with other community members, learn from each other, make new connections, and get more energy on regular powerful online events.
    Keep your energy high and learn from the experience of others
    commUnity makes strength
    commUnity makes strength
    On my entrepreneurship journey, I've worked in 40+ countries and met thousands of people. The main lesson I've learned is that you are only as smart as the people around you. A diverse and supportive environment brings synergy and makes people grow beyond their imagination. That's why I started Travelhood — a place for travel entrepreneurs to create better business with the power of community.
    Alex Farlander,
    founder of Travelhood
    Travelhood purpose: to support local regenerative economies using the power of authentic travel experiences
    I believe that the travel business in the 2020s can't be built in old ways. Tourism, adventures & experiences have to create value beyond profit margins not only for business owners but also for customers and locals.

    Here's an example. Up to 80% of the revenue of Samsara Guide goes to in-destination local communities. It is a for-profit company, but its supply chain is built with a purpose at its core.

    The world needs more positive-impact adventures & experiences, and Travelhood is the place to inspire the next generation of travel entrepreneurs. If we unite and support each other on the journey of running purpose-driven travel experiences, our impact will be much bigger.

    That's why I created Travelhood: a community for travel entrepreneurs, experience creators, and adventure leaders, to inspire you to build a better travel business for a better world. Join us!
    Alex Farlander
    Founder of Travelhood
    Feel free to reach me at alex@alex.travel

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