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into an amazing experience
Times are changing, Stay ahead of the curve
An online course for forward-thinking travel professionals
Evolve your visitors' experience to level-up your business and create a positive impact on your destination
Do you want to create amazing experiences for travelers
while making your place better?
If you work with guests/visitors/travelers,
or you would like to start working in tourism;

If you want to create memorable experiences for them, sharing the best that your place has to offer;

If you want to develop a strong, resilient business, or a great career;

If you want to impact your place and community positively;

this is the course for you.
  • Tour operators and guides
    Everyone who creates and runs tours – the more local, the better.
  • Accommodation and food
    From hotels to airbnb apartments, cafes to restaurants: everyone who is in hospitality
  • Rental companies
    Cars, bicycles, kayaks, and everything that visitors use to move around
Why now?
Travel is changing, again: but now more than ever

If you have been in the travel business long enough, you've seen the digital transformation, and the emergence of online travel agents like Booking and Airbnb.

What happens now is bigger than that.

We are entering the era of a global village, where New Zealand competes with Norway, airlines with bicycles, humans with machines, and digital blends with physical.

Three huge trends impact travel:
  • AI is near
    Digital is entering the physical world, and the shift is just starting
  • Climate crisis is here
    We have yet to see how it is unfolding, and the humanity's response to it
  • People want experiences
    They want to be impressed, but they also want to travel with a positive impact
Let's put it together
Experiences are the big thing
People travel to experience different places, wear new hats, do things, try new.

While they certainly need a room, food, or transportation, they do not travel for that.
They travel for experiences and impressions.

Today, we have the technology to level-up your business.

But you can also make your place better.

That's why we put this course together.
Why experiences are more awesome than you think:
Experiences have a huge potential to make your life – and your place – better.
  • Naturally powered by local businesses
    Experiences redistribute wealth from cities to the countryside, from North to South, supporting local instead of imported
  • More impressions, less emissions
    Instead of producing more things, let's produce more experiences, and that will help to battle the climate crisis
  • Earn money by doing things you love
    Experiences are fun when they come from the heart of the creator, which makes your heart feel better too
Avoid costly mistakes
While there's a big potential, some things aren't obvious (otherwise everyone would be doing that already)
  • Learn how to scale
    The biggest problem of experience creators is that they are not scalable, we will show you how to go around it.
  • Learn how to capitalize
    Experiences are labor-intensive, which means you only earn while you work – we will show you how to fix it.
  • And grow organically
    Grow with less dependency on online travel agents or search engines, and have a more predictable future.
This is a course for you if you are curious to evolve your travel or hospitality business into the business of experiences.
Learn more about the nature of experiences and how to take the first steps in this transition
Course program
8 group sessions + 4 masterminds during 8 weeks
1 group session
Transformation from services to experiences
Whether you are a tour operator, hotel, or a rental business, If you still think that your company provides tourism services, this session will be transformative
The main things you need to know to grow an amazing business in travel:
  • Profitable
  • Easy to manage
  • Long-lasting and sellable in the future
In this session, we will be talking about the evolution of travel, and what travel entrepreneurs need to know to have a strong strategy for the future.

We will discuss 20 years of the travel industry observations in 60 minutes, to understand what the future may bring. Plus, you'll get to know the most important things about the experience economy – the real market that you're operating in.
1 mastermind
Mastermind One: introduction and your goals
Masterminds are sharing and collective learning sessions: instead of having a single speaker, at masterminds everyone is involved
For the first mastermind, prepare a 2-minute introduction about yourself: where are you from, what business are you creating, and what is your goal for the course.
2 group session
The audience, the place, and you
Let's talk about the main components of the business model of experiences and what nuances you need to keep in mind for a successful business
Experiences are about connecting people and the place, but this is not enough for a profitable, long-lasting business that creates a positive impact. In the second session, we dive deeper into the building blocks of experience businesses, and important tips for entrepreneurs.
3 group session
Naturally sustainable business
"Sustainability" is in the core of business, not the feature. It means, you can't treat it like using energy efficient light bulbs. But what to do then?
It is time for a new generation of entrepreneurs. But for that, we need to disconnect from the old business rules and embrace a new strategy. It will be more profitable, but also crisis-resilient, compared to the old practices. What does it mean for the business of experiences? How a business can contribute to the well-being of the community, and have it as a competitive advantage? Let's talk about the new vision of business before we continue with the rest of the study program.
2 mastermind
Mastermind Two: Strategic management of experiences
Now it's time for questions and round table discussion: what business you are creating, and how community can help you to clarify the path forward
The second mastermind is dedicated to the strategy discussion, so please prepare a 2-minute introduction of what you are working on, and the SWOT analysis of your plan.
4 group session
Design of guided experiences
Let's talk about tours and experiences that are conducted in-person
Guided experiences are quite simple, but many businesses still get them wrong – and they have a poor business as a result of it. Let's talk about the pros and cons of guided experiences, and how to take the most out of their strengths.
5 group session
Desing of self-guided experiences
Self-guided tours are the next level of experience design: you need to plan ahead every aspect of the tour, while surprising guests. How to do that?
Once you master self-guided tours, everything else is easy, and you unlock a new level of your business. In self-guided, you get to the essence of experiences – from masterful planning to delivering surprises. In this session, we will talk why it is an important part of every business and how technology helps experience organizers.
3 mastermind
Mastermind Three: Guided and Self-Guided Experiences
Share your ideas of tours and experiences, and work through them with the help of the mentor and the whole group.
Use the power of the group to get feedback on your tour ideas: prepare a short presentation, and feel free to ask questions about areas you need help with.
6 group session
From a single experience to the entire journey
Crafting an amazing tour is just the first step of the experience design: let's talk about the whole customer journey and how to manage it
The journey of your guests starts long before they meet you, and includes dreaming, planning, and coming to your place. It also ends much after they leave your place – they come back home and reflect on the trip. And of course, they think about the next trip – will it be another place, a different travel style, or is there something calling them to come back? In this session, we will talk about mastering the whole journey from the very beginning to the very end, and beyond.
7 group session
Marketing and sales of Experiences
Now we wrap it up and put on the market: how do you promote and sell your products?
Great products don't go far without great marketing. In this session, we will talk about how to wrap your offering and deliver the message to potential customers.
4 mastermind
Mastermind Four: Key takeaways
In the final mastermind, you have an opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback to your complete offering, and prepare for the showtime.
Get your presentation ready, but be open and vulnerable, because this mastermind is not for sales, it is for improvements. While you do your best, there's certainly room for growth – let's explore how to make your offer amazing.
8 group session
Showtime! Feedback and awards
The Grande Finale: time to show the results and get some useful awards
In this session, it's time for to you deliver your best performance, and look at what others did during the program. To keep you on the right track, there are useful prizes for the best presenters.
We start on October 15, 2024
Finish your summer season and prepare for 2025 with us
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Extra 4 mastermind events
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Get an experience designer to help
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Course creator
Meet Alex, a travel entrepreneur, and your guide on this journey
Alex Farlander
Founder of Travelhood
Hi, I'm Alex

I've been a travel entrepreneur for most of my life, and all this time I was learning and experimenting. I worked as a travel organizer in 45 countries, I organized trips worth up to €100K for 3 days, and I opened and closed many different businesses to see what works and what doesn't.

My guiding journey led me to mentor a 2-months-long digital transformation program of a huge bank with 20K employees. Creating experiences is so much bigger than I thought.

This course is the result of my two decades of work in the industry of travel and experiences.

We are on the edge of a big transformation, join me in the front row!

More about Alex: https://alex.travel
Do you have questions? Feel free to message me anywhere
Telegram: alexfarlander
Instagram: @alexfarlander
LinkedIn: Alex Farlander
WhatsApp: +372 51 974722
Email: alex@alex.travel