Welcome to your new family of like-minded travel geeks
Welcome to your new family of like-minded travel geeks
Travelhood is a community
for travel entrepreneurs & experience creators
who want to use the power of travel
to create a better future
Travelhood is a community
for travel entrepreneurs & experience creators
who want to use the power of travel
to create a better future
Travel business
is changing
High-value travelers expect more from their time investments.
Clean towels and fancy silverware are not enough.
Cookie-cutter tours to crowded destinations are not attractive.
People want to experience life when they travel.
They want to make an impact through their visits.

On the other side, the mainstream tourism industry reached its limits of growth.
Bringing more and more visitors is not sustainable.
Crowds make our places worse, not better.
We need to design travel experiences with a sustainable positive impact.
Beyond just bringing some money, but creating the future of your place.

That might sound like a complex task,
but the power of community is the best way how to do it.
That's why we created Travelhood.

By joining our community, you'll connect with like-minded travel professionals
and transform your services into memorable, positive-impact travel experiences.

Welcome to Travelhood, your new family of like-minded travel geeks.
  • "a welcoming, thoughtful and safe space for mutual sharing and respect!"
    Values-driven adventure leader
  • "great to share more sustainability stories and ideas!"
    Responsible Travel Marketer
  • "A wonderful way to start the morning"
    Travel Writer, Journalist, Content Creator
  • "I'm excited about the next gatherings!"
    Adventure Travel professional | Sustainability Advocate
  • "great to hear everyone's unique stories and the roles we can play to transform travel for good"
    EDF Climate Corps Fellow 2023
  • "I'm grateful for the many new ideas and leads"
    CEO at Matsu Global
We are a community for professionals
To co-create better travel experiences
Travelhood is a glocal network of tour operators, accommodations, guides, to co-create better travel experiences for a better future
Entrepreneurs, tour operators, guides, tourism organizations, freelancers, accommodation owners & managers
Nature and adventure guides, self-guided tour organizers, and all who take clients on an adventure
Travel designers, retreat hosts, and everyone who creates meaningful guest experiences
Travel professionals
Adventure leaders
Experience creators
Travelhood facilitates peer-to-peer learning among real-world practitioners
We grow our businesses together
We are a glocal community that connects like-minded travel entrepreneurs and experience creators from all around the world into local positive-impact chapters
Learn everything you need to know about creating better travel experiences: from marketing & sales to product management and regenerative practices
Build a better business faster with community coaching, networking, hiring experienced freelancers, and using the power of global knowledge
Inspiring connections
Useful content
Systematic growth
Evolve the key elements of your business, align with your true purpose, and reach your goals faster
focus on the most important things
Rebuild your marketing by creating connections, collaborating with like-minded people, making great experiences, and having a good time
Effective Marketing & Partnerships
Harness the latest technology to do less manual work & serve customers better, so you can focus on creating value and enjoying your work
Technology & Automatization
Design guest experiences that make customers feel alive, so they will fall in love with your place, come back again, and bring family & friends
Design Meaningful Experiences
Create a positive impact and develop your own best business practices to build a purposeful company and a better place for your community
Healthy Business Models
We use the power of travel to make our places better for a better future
to co-create a BETTER future
Become crises-resilient, improve the quality of your life and your community, and build the future that you want, using the power of better travel
Foster local business and nature ecosystems, where the community members co-create higher value for guests and locals
Better food, housing, infrastructure, while developing a healthy spirit and human connections – this is the aim of developing travel for good
Resilient businesses
Healthy ecosystems
Happier life
Evolve into a skillful purpose-driven travel professional using the power of community
Evolve into a skillful purpose-driven travel professional using the power of community
and make travel better
Do what you love
at every stage of business lifecycle
Inspiration for travel & experience creators
Travel industry leaders
Connect with talented professionals from around the world and unlock a new transformation in your professional journey. Share your experience, and learn from others. Get inspired, and leverage Travelhood to develop better travel.
Join Travelhood as a Leader
Small travel businesses
Be sure that you go in the right direction, find breakthroughs & shortcuts through the limits & obstacles, expand your vision, and build a strong and systematic company that will have a deep positive impact on places you love.
Awaken your Superhero with Travelhood
Travel startups
Find alignment between your purpose and revenue model, learn how to build better systems to change the system, connect with the top talents and industry leaders, and set a strong foundation for creating a profound impact.
Join Travelhood as a Startup
Freelancers and solopreneurs
If you work alone, Travelhood is your place to connect with like-minded professionals from around the world, learn from the top travel practitioners and leading thinkers, get inspired, and inspire others.
Connect to the world of better travel
Students and beginners
If you take the first steps in travel & experiences, Travelhood helps you to find confidence, learn from amazing professionals from around the world, and launch your new career faster (and in the right direction).
Start your Journey with Travelhood
Travelhood locales
We're not competitors. We are co-creators of better places.
for productive & exciting working days
Courses, tools & templates
Purpose-driven travel experiences
The fundamentals of one of the most exciting professions you can imagine: purposeful travel experiences
Web design for experience designers
Learn how to deliver the message to your potential guests and turn your website into a first step of their experience
Marketing of travel experiences
How to find customers, build your network, launch a marketing machine, and focus on relationships with guests
Experience design and product management
How to create experiences, and which experiences to create? Essentials of journeys, transformations and evolution in the most enigmatic business course
Technology for tours & experiences
Step-by-step guides to the most important tech tools for travel entrepreneurs. Build your own AI assistant that will help you to do more in less time
Project management for tours & experiences
Do you hire, or plan to have a team? Learn how to create and manage awesome projects instead of a boring routine.
Finance and investments for better travel
Keep an eye on your finances, learn how to attract investments, and how to invest in better travel
and more inspiring and useful content →
Join the first 1000
Our mission is to help 1 million travel professionals around the world to make a living by making travel better. Be among the first to experience it.
Do You want to know the future?
So many global leaders talk about sustainability.
They are on a mammoth task to save our home planet.
But sustainability is not enough.
Our future depends on the liveability of our places.
Our place's future depends on us.
We use the power of travel & experiences
to make the future better.
The future is whatever you make it.
needs a trusted circle
  • Frodo would never succeed without the Fellowship
  • Harry Potter would be dead without his friends
  • Ninja Turtles would be just turtles
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