Saturday, March 9
10:00 EST / 16:00 CET
Tour operator transformation
How to scale a travel company when hiring is so hard?
How to create tours for the new generation of travelers?
How to defend your business against AI?
How to create passive income for tour operators?
How to focus on what you actually love about your job?

Find out the answers on the first masterclass for tour operators.
with Alex Farlander
Award-winning guide and educator
For who is this masterclass?
  • Existing tour operators looking for scale their business
  • New tour operators looking for competitive advantages
  • Tour guides who want a more predictable income
  • Rental companies looking for profit increase
  • Independent hotels who want to create guest experiences
  • Local communities and hosts looking for tour operators
If you've been a tour operator long enough,
you have a lot of questions
If you are just starting, you'll have these questions soon
  • 1
    How to scale the business while it's so hard to find employees?
    Problem #1: it is hard to find great guides, and even harder to find great managers. If you work in tourism, you do most of the things by yourself. Very few people in the world solved that problem, but there's a solution.
  • 2
    How to make tours less labor-intensive?
    The biggest weakness of guiding is you make money only while you are physically able to run tours. If you stop, you are out of business. Can we change it?
  • 3
    How to be profitable while price competition is tough?
    Profitability in tourism is a big question. OTAs take up to 50% commission while increasing price competition, so you can't simply raise your prices. How to quit this paradigm?
  • 4
    How AI revolution will affect your business?
    That's a big shift that receives a lot of attention. If all you do is telling stories about interesting places, charging $50 per hour, why wouldn't customers listen to similar stories from AI for free?
  • 5
    What is social autism and why it matters?
    Uber showed that the majority of young people actually hate calling taxi lines – they prefer ordering via apps. Together with the AI and transportation revolution, this is an existential threat for tour operators. But it is also an opportunity.
  • 6
    What is your key business asset and value?
    To understand where opportunity lays, you need to understand the key value of being a local tour operator. Is it telling stories? Renting bikes? Travel routes and entrance tickets? Organized tours? Well, travelers think they can organize everything by themselves, and pay less. What do you sell then?
  • 7
    How to design tours that are sustainable and profitable?
    Last, but not least. We are entering the era of polycrisis, where business resilience is incredibly important – we see it across the globe. How can you be not just profitable, but also sustainable, or even regenerative?
The short answer is: add self-guided tours to your portfolio.

But doing that will transform your business.

That's what our first online lesson helps you with.

Let's spend an hour, talking about it deeper.

Before the season rush starts.
Learn from real-life business cases
We combined the experience of leading tour operators into a masterclass led by a guide with 20+ years in travel
Motoragazzi, Italy
15 000 day tours sold in 2023
15 team members
Geographic, worldwide
45 countries in the portfolio
Up to $100K tour price
More cases soon
Leading experience
Transformative tools
We enter a new era of tour operators
that will drive out of business those who can't adapt
and give rise to the best talents.
Alex Farlander
Masterclass host
Award-winning nature and adventure guide, Alex spent decades studying and practicing innovations in travel and experiences. He worked with celebrities and Forbes-listed entrepreneurs, startups and corporations, innovators and indigenous leaders.
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