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In the era of the climate crisis and overtourism, we need to develop Better Travel.

Travel that cares about the places we visit, about the people we meet – and about ourselves.

We need to spend our travel money mindfully.

That's why we created Travelhood, the community that is dedicated to Better Travel.
Find a like-minded group or travel independently
Go on memorable trips & connect with amazing people
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Support good causes and make right ethical choices
Find out how to travel better, and you'll be amazed by where it takes you.
Get to know
your planet &
make it better
Upcoming camps
Travel with a positive impact, with a group or independently,
with our professionally designed travel plans
Whale watching & marine life in Baja California, Mexico
Spend a week in one of the most amazing marine sights: the whale kindergarten of Baja California. Boat rides, kayaking, snorkeling, camping on the beach, and other adventures!
January — February 2024
Nature & Science camp in Durango, Mexico
Learn about nature, science, and indigenous cultures of the Desert, see majestic canyons, go stargazing, and watch a total solar eclipse as the headliner of this show
April 2024
Epic Quechua celebration in the Andes, Peru
Dive into the culture of the Andes, and hike with thousands of pilgrims during the annual celebration of Quylluriti, a wild and colorful festival far in the winter mountains of Peru.
June 2024

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Travel evolution
A letter from the founder
As humans, we need to travel. We travel to recharge ourselves, get inspiration, release stress, and feel alive.

Unfortunately, mass tourism often creates more problems than benefits, harming the places we love.

That’s why we need to travel differently. To transform from passive tourists into proactive travelers and bring good to places we visit.

It's time for travel evolution. That's why I started Travelhood, a community for people who want to travel differently.

We design positive-impact travel plans, organize groups & create travel guides for independent travelers, run courses for tour operators, and work on the first-of-its-kind travel guide app.

Instead of telling you about "top-10" crowded places, we will connect you to inspiring people who work on big missions. With Travelhood, you will discover off-the-beaten paths and see famous places anew, while helping good things to happen.

If you are passionate about travel, join the community, plan your next vacation with us, and be a part of the travel evolution.
Alex Farlander
Founder of Travelhood
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where it brings you.
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